Repair Services

Below is a list of the most common repair services I offer. If you have something more specific to discuss, please drop me a line via the Contact page. I don't charge to evaluate repairs or provide  estimates. 

Neck / Headstock Breaks

I am able to carry out guitar restoration for example partial fret replacement, fret levelling to cure buzzing improve string action etc. from £20 per hr.
Depending on the severity of the break prices between £40 - £90

Neck / Heel Breaks / Neck Reset

Depending on the severity of the break/crack or reset required prices between £40 - £100

Battery Box / Control Cavity Routing

Prices between £50 - £80 depending on size & complexity.

Electrical Repairs / Modifications

Typical repairs are replacing a jack socket, or broken volume or tone pot, re-solder dry joints or replace broken/corroded wiring.
I can also do vintage re-wiring i.e. cloth-covered braided kind and fit coil-tap switching (if pickups allow) and replace pickups, improve shielding etc. Prices from £20 and £20 per hour thereafter.

General Setup & String Replacement

Replace Strings (six string) £10
Replace Strings (12  string or Floyd Rose/tremolo bridge) £20
Nut Replacement £30 / £45 (six string/ 12 string)

Setup (check/adjust nut, saddle height and truss rod for best string action, adjust intonation & tune up. Polish frets and lemon oil fingerboard.
Price  £40 / £55 (six string / 12 string or Floyd Rose/tremolo bridge)

Full Service as for Setup and includes removal of scratch plate/pots and switches, clean with switch cleaner. Additional £20

Acoustic Guitar Crack & Hole Repair

I can stabilise most cracks and repair small holes or dents however, I do not provide complete invisible repair service. Prices from £20 and £20 per hour thereafter.
There are some services I don't provide: fingerboard replacement, fingerboard shooting, complete refretting, invisible re-finishing or spray painting.